Sheehan to Speak at 2014 Southern Political Science Association Conference

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Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan was invited to present in New Orleans at the 85th Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association between January 9–11, 2014. Dr. Sheehan presented on a panel titled Terrorism and its Consequences where he discussed the results of a paper he published in the journal Perspectives on Terrorism, an empirical study that involved a systematic analysis of contemporary terrorism courses at 106 top-ranked universities and colleges in the United States.

The Southern Political Science Association (SPSA) is a non-partisan professional organization composed of over one thousand members drawn from throughout the United States and the international community who are devoted to the study and teaching of political science. Founded in 1929, it seeks to promote interest and research in theoretical and practical political problems and to encourage communication and respect between persons engaged in the professional study and practice of government and politics.

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Publication Available @Mapping Contemporary Terrorism Courses at Top-Ranked National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States.

Presentation Available @: Teaching Terrorism: A Systematic Review of Terrorism Courses at American Colleges and Universities.

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