Sheehan Publishes Two Additional Op-Eds on U.S. Policy in Middle East

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In mid July 2017, Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan – Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs – authored two additional op-eds on U.S. policy in the Middle East. Dr. Sheehan’s scholarship on regime change, policy-oriented writing, and media appearances have been influential in shaping Washington’s thinking on terrorism, the Iranian opposition, and the prospect of a democratic transition in Iran.

SHEEHAN | Iran Ripe for Regime Change Two Years After Nuclear Deal | New York Daily News | 14 JUL 2017

SHEEHAN | Trump et Macron devraient décourager les entreprises d’investir en Iran | Translation | Trump and Macron Should Jointly Discourage Businesses from Investing in Iran | La Tribune | 13 JUL 2017

The first article in New York Daily News was published on the second anniversary of the conclusion of negotiations that resulted in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran (JCPOA) and proposes a formal shift in U.S. policy consistent with American national security interests and Department of State rhetoric.

In the second article Dr. Sheehan was invited by the French newspaper La Tribune to weigh in on the recent Trump-Macron meeting in Paris. The op-ed was translated into French as the heads of state met in private and shared with U.S. and E.U. dignitaries. Read the original article submitted in English here.

The policy-oriented commentaries are in keeping with remarks that Dr. Sheehan made at a panel discussion for U.S. officials in Europe earlier this summer where he spoke alongside former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and joined a distinguished international research delegation.

Dr. Sheehan also published two widely circulated op-eds in June that addressed terrorism and U.S. Policy in Middle East.

Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan is the Director of the graduate programs in Negotiations & Conflict Management and Global Affairs & Human Security in the College of Public Affairs at the University of Baltimore. For research or media related updates or to learn more about Dr. Sheehan, follow him at @ProfSheehan or link to his research profiles.


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